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Hanuman_pendant100% Original Manoj Kumar Shri Hanuman Chalisa yantra! WITH NEW FORMET MULTI HANUMAN JI PHOTO SEEN IN NEW PENDENT. 

Original gold face hanuman yantra hanuman chalisa yantra with whole paking and warranty card and booklet of isthapna wholesale rate. 
The pendent is of great spiritual importance and is great to worn by all. The product is crafted with the sole aim of keeping the the pendent close to your heart and letting you remember the prayer anytime. The yantra is very well conceived and accepted by the people all over the world. Keeping the pendent always close to your heart enables you to seek hanumanjiâs blessing in everything you do. Unique features of the Pendant include: Beautiful Hanumanjiâs pendant made with shiny mix of alloys Easy to read Hanuman Mantra in the Pendant Clearly enounced Panch Mukhi Hanumanjiâs picture Hanuman Yantra engraved on the back. How to view prayer in hanuman chalisa pendent? To view hanuman Mantra in the pendent use the small glass lens that ahs been set above Hanumanjiâs tilak. Locate it and hold the pendent close to your you eyes facing a good source of light. If Yantra is still not clear then adjust the distance between the pendent and your eyes till you get the better view.

How to Wear Chalisa Pendant to take maximum Effect is ? 
1.It's wear with Hanuman chalisa lyrics .at Tuesday. " Shri Guru Charan Sarooja-raj Nija manu Mukura Sudhaari Baranau Rahubhara Bimala Yasha Jo Dayaka Phala Chari Budhee-Heen Thanu Jannikay Sumirow Pavana Kumara Bala-Budhee Vidya Dehoo Mohee Harahu Kalesha Vikaara"

What Our Clients Say
“Lord Bajrangbali Gave me a Great Power and Strength For Gate My Ability to Performed in Job & My Houses Responsibilities”  "I had no faith in things that are supposed to bring us fortune just like hanuman chalisa yantra, my thoughts were on the wildest side, such as which god will bless human beings by simply wearing an yantra, but my thoughts was proved to be wrong with the purchase of hanuman chalisa yantra. It brought me the benefits that i never expected of to my amazement." Bolo Jai Shree Ram
Poonam Pandey (Mumbai)

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